Tehran (IP) - The mayor of Tehran rode a bicycle through the streets of Tehran with the ambassadors of 6 European countries on the occasion of World Car Free Day.

Iran Press/Iran News: As one of the car-free Tuesdays, Pirooz Hanachi, along with the ambassadors of Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, as well as representatives of the World Health Organization and the United Nations Development Program in Iran, rode from the Laleh Park to the Central Park. (Park-e-shahr). 

Meanwhile, on the occasion of World Peace Day, the mayor of Tehran and the diplomats visited the Peace Museum located in Park-e-shahr.

Referring to the bravery of Iranian warriors in the eight-year war between the Ba'athist regime of Iraq and Iran, Pirooz Hanachi, then addressed the ambassadors of European countries, saying that those countries that understood the war and its bitterness, can understand the value of peace better.

The mayor of Tehran noted that the experiences of the eight-year Iran-Iraq war are still being used to solve today's problems.

Pirooz Hanachi said that all cities in the world face traffic problems and the solution is to develop public transportation.

The mayor of Tehran added that 170 kilometers of cycling routes have been created in Tehran and increasing the number of cycling routes in all areas of Tehran municipalities is on the agenda.

Pirooz Hanachi said that currently the share of urban cycling in Tehran has increased from 4% to 9% and efforts are being made to increase it by 4% over a 5-year period.


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