Tehran (IP) - The participants in the 'Conference of the Global Coalition for Peace and Justice' called for an end to the unilateral and oppressive actions, noting that food and drug sanctions have endangered the lives of innocents including women and children in many countries.

Iran PressIran News: In the final statement, the participants also stated that the world peace, justice, and security facing increasing threats and challenges such as injustice, war, poverty, disease, political, economic, and cultural domination, soft war, and inequality in access to health services.

The participants emphasized the pivotal role of culture in building peace, friendship, and justice and combating discrimination, injustice, and insecurity.

In the statement, the conference also condemned the inhumane acts and violence against the people of Palestine, Syria, Bahrain, Yemen, and other nations of the world and the intervention of some governments in these countries, calling it a clear violation of human rights. 

The two-day 'International Conference on Alliance for Peace and Justice' was organized by the Islamic World Peace Forum via a webinar on Saturday and Sunday. Many thinkers from around the world expressed their views.


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