Rohingya refugees who are settled in India live in tents under severe conditions.

Dozens of Rohingya families in New Delhi are living in terrible conditions after their homes were burned to the ground in a huge fire several weeks ago. This comes as the temperatures rise in the area.

Thousands of the Muslims have been brutally killed by government soldiers and Buddhist mobs since late 2016.

About 700,000 others have fled to Bangladesh since August last year.

In November last year, the Security Council strongly condemned the government violence against Myanmar’s Muslim Rohingya minority in a unanimously-backed statement.

The Human Rights Watch on Friday (HRW) urged the Security Council to refer Myanmar to the International Criminal Court (ICC) over the atrocities.

The Rohingya had lived in Myanmar for generations but were denied citizenship and branded illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, which likewise denies them citizenship.

The Muslim population in Rakhine has either been decimated or fled to Bangladesh.

Bangladesh and Myanmar signed an agreement late last year to return the Muslim refugees.