Tehran (IP) - Ali Rabiei, Iran's government spokesman, says that Tehran welcomes peace talks between Afghanistan's government, political groups, and Taliban while expressing hope that the negotiations will result in permanent peace and stability in Afghanistan and the region.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking to IP on the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's presence in the new round of Afghanistan peace talks in Doha, Qatar, and the US defined role to Taliban, Rabiei reiterated that Trump's administration is not concerned about the future of Afghanistan but its focus is to win the upcoming presidential elections in November.

Rabiei noted that the US ostensibly invaded Afghanistan with the pretext to restore security and counter-narcotics, but the US and its European allies have failed as ISIS terrorists have increased their presence in the country.

He said: "Foreign forces' withdrawal from Afghanistan will help maintain peace and security," adding: "Iran does not consider Taliban-US negotiations as peace negotiations but does not oppose any step which helps maintain peace in Afghanistan."

"Iran declares its readiness to use its utmost capacities based on Afghanistan's government request to advance the peace process," Rabiei added.  207

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