Sorena Sattari

Tehran (IP): Iran's Vice President for Science and Technology stated that Tehran's Pardis Technology Park ascends the same kind of park in Berlin.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking during the 18th Annual Congress and the Festival of Pardis Technology Park's Top Companies on Monday, Sorena Sattari stressed: "Although Iran is in tough conditions, it has high potential and capacity to use.

Sattari went on to say: "Berlin's Technology Park should be used as a hub to attract all those Iranian elites who live abroad."

The Iranian official highlighted: "Iran's Parliament, the Judiciary, government and other related organizations are enthusiastic to take advantage of a knowledge-based economy."

Referring to hard work done by the insiders of Pardis Technology Park, Sattari noted: " Tehran's Pardis Technology Park rates 43 in the world with endless efforts made, yet more measures should be taken regarding developing it more.


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