PHOTO: By Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

The US Treasury Department said on Thursday it has imposed new sanctions on several international entities for allegedly enabling the shipment and sale of Iran's petrochemical products.

Iran PressAmerica: The US action came on Thursday following last month’s crushing defeat to extend an anti-Iran arms embargo at the UN Security Council. 

The US Treasury Department said in a statement it slapped sanctions on six companies based in Iran, the United Arab Emirates, and China, claiming they support the Iranian company Triliance Petrochemical Co. Ltd.

In another development, the US State Department said it also imposed sanctions on five entities as well as three individuals accusing them of engaging in transactions related to Iran’s petroleum and petrochemical industry.

On August 4 at the UN Security Council, only the Dominican Republic voted in favor of the US-drafted resolution that was vetoed by China and Russia and abstained by the 15-member Security Council’s remaining constituents.

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Iran's President Hassan Rouhani, at a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, dismissed as ridiculous the US push to snap back international sanctions on Tehran.

Rouhani said that following its “unprecedented” and “scandalous” defeat at the UN Security Council to extend the anti-Iran arms embargo, the US resorted to the “snapback” mechanism enshrined in the Iran nuclear deal.