Iran and Syria stressed the need to strengthen cooperation between Damascus and Tehran in the field of infrastructure, housing, and the use of Iran's experience in the rapid construction of residential areas and desalination stations.

Iran Press/Middle East: Iranian Deputy Defense Minister Ebrahim Mahmoudzadeh and Hussein Arnous, charged with forming the Cabinet in Syria met on Thursday in Damascus.

They emphasized on deepening Iran-Syria relations in various fields, and to underscore the importance of increasing coordination and cooperation in all economic, and investment fields and also activation of the private sector of Iran and Syria to implement joint projects.

Arnous also reminded the importance of continuing joint cooperation between the two friendly countries to achieve strategic political relations that have linked Iran and Syria, adding that, the continuation of joint activities of Syria and Iran will strengthen the ability of the two countries and nations to face the challenges.

The Syrian official also thanked the Islamic Republic of Iran for helping Syria fighting terrorists.

In late 2019, Iran and Syria signed a memorandum of understanding for civil development between the two countries, but the outbreak of the coronavirus postponed the implementation of the agreement.


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