Yemen calls on Britain to end supporting terrorism

Yemen's Deputy Foreign Minister called on the British people to put their government under pressure so that it will stop its policies of backing the terrorist groups, including ISIS and Al-Qaeda, in Yemen.

Iran PressMiddle East: According to al-Masirah TV, Hussein al-Ezzi considered the UK government's policies towards Sana'a as the cause of the Yemenis' suffering and criticized the country's support of the illegitimate and the resigned government of   government of the Yemeni fugitive president Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi.

Al-Ezzi also said that the British people do not deserve such policies taken by the British government either. 

The Guardian announced last year that the UK government not only provides Saudi Arabia with arms in war on Yemen but also prolongs the war through dispatching military consultants to Riyadh.

The US also sends arms costing millions of dollars to the Saudi regime to pour on Yemenis who want to determine the fate of their country themselves.


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