Iranian ex-diplomat:

Tehran (IP)- Iran’s Former foreign Ministry spokesman Hamidreza Asefi said on Sunday that the US measures to activate snapback mechanism against Iran in UN Security Council lacks legal, logical political and ethical bases.

Iran Press/Iran News: Hamid Reza Asefi said about the US action in using the snapback mechanism against Iran that it should not be resorted to, and it is not the case that any dispute or violation of duty leads to this mechanism, as many issues have often been resolved in the Joint Commission of the JCPOA.

According to JCPOA, Iran and the P5 + 1 have agreed that if any country violates its obligations, it will, through procedures and steps, resort to the snapback mechanism if necessary, and it is not the case that any dispute or violation of duty will lead to this mechanism. As many times, various issues have been resolved in the Joint Commission of JCPOA.

He considered the application of the 'snapback mechanism' as the last solution considered in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and added: If no path answers, the application of this mechanism should be resorted to.

The former spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized: "But the important point is that the use of this mechanism is for the member states of the JCPOA; the United States, which is not now a member of the JCPOA."

Withdrawing from the Nuclear Deal about two years ago through official Trump actions, Pompeo and Brian Hook said they were no longer members of the JCPOA, calling the nuclear deal the worst deal the United States has ever done.

"Despite this fact, the Americans, with fabricated interpretations and quasi-legal arguments, claim that, as members of the Security Council, they can resort to the snapback mechanism, which has no legal or logical basis," Asefi said.

He added: "That is why China, Russia, the European troika, other members of the Security Council and Belgium, as the coordinator of the council, have rejected the Americans' claim."

The former diplomat of Iran stated: “According to the news, even the plan that Pompeo presented to Indonesia as the chairman of the Security Council to put on the agenda of this council, has not been accepted yet.”

Asefi described the Americans' move as selfish and desperate, continuing to say: "Of course, they themselves know that they will not win a vote and will not succeed, as they have suffered in the Security Council in recent weeks. Members of the Security Council disagreed with the White House except for the Dominican Republic."

He said: "Of course, they also knew that they would fail, because their lobbies were active and their information was accurate, but due to the self-made crisis and the swamp they created for themselves, they sink deeper into it day by day and constantly suffer disastrous failures."


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