Nobakht: US sanctions against Iran have failed

Tehran (IP)- The Vice President and the head of Iran’s Plan and Budget Organization said: "Iran's progress shows that US sanctions have failed."

Iran Press/Iran News: The head of Iran’s Plan and Budget Organization Mohammad Baqer Nobakht said in Sari, Mazandaran Province Northern Iran on Thursday: "The United States sought to stop all of Iran's economic and infrastructure programs by imposing sanctions, but despite severe sanctions and the closure of all banking exchanges and currency transfers, Iran's development and economic programs did not stop and continued."

Nobakht said: "Iran's foreign exchange transactions in the field of exports and imports were more than 100 billion dollars annually, which with the oil embargo, a large part of these financial exchanges stopped, but Iran's development progress did not stop."

He stressed that the United States expected the Iranian government to face financial problems with sanctions: "None of the US plans through imposing sanctions on Iran have been realized."


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