The Lebanese government on Monday announced the appointment of former ambassador Charbel Wehbe as new foreign minister.

Iran PressMiddle East: According to the Lebanese National News Agency, President Michel Aoun and Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab, while accepting the resignation of 'Nassif Hitti', appointed "Charbel Wehbe" as the new Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Former Lebanese Foreign Minister Nassif Hitti submitted his resignation to the Lebanese Prime Minister on Monday, due to the lack of a national vision and a constructive will to carry out the desired reforms of the international community.

The Lebanese people's protest against the unfavorable economic condition and its consequences, such as rising unemployment, high prices and the shortage of foreign currencies, that have been triggered in response to economic corruption in the country over the past few years, began about eight months ago and led to the formation of a unity government headed by Hassan Diab.

Lebanon is witnessing the worst economic crisis in its history, coinciding with the plunge of local currency to more than half of its value besides the high rate of inflation which has pushed nearly half of the population below the poverty line.


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