WHO: Iran capability in health equipment helps managing COVID-19

Hamedan (IP)- WHO’s representative in Iran, Christoph Hamelmann stated on Monday that in recent decades, Iran has gained lots of capabilities in the production of medical and pharmaceutical equipment even before the outbreak of the Coronavirus, and now these capabilities have helped Iran to manage the virus.

Iran PressIran News: WHO’s representative in Iran Christoph Hamelmann told reporters on Monday in Hamedan province that a resilient health system can withstand the epidemic, and Iran, relying on domestic capabilities, now produces health needs inside the country and uses these capabilities to combat the coronavirus.

He added that “One of the important tasks of Iran in the field of combating the coronavirus was increasing the diagnostic capacity by using laboratories.”

The representative of the World Health Organization in Iran said that another successful experience of Iran is using the protocol of social distancing in the workplace.

Hamelmann thanked the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education for their efforts to monitor the public centers to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

"As the President of Iran said, we should not be afraid of this virus or consider the situation normal, but carefully consider the current situation so that we can pass this stage safely,” he reminded.


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