Iran-Uzbekistan stress on developing road transport ties

Tehran (IP) - Stressing on developing road transportation, Iran-Uzbekistan bilateral meeting on Joint Road Transport Committee was held in the presence of the Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development of Iran, the Deputy Minister of Transport and the Ambassador of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Tehran and the representative of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Tashkent via video conference.

Iran PressIran News: Referring to Coronavirus outbreak in the world, Abdolhashem Hassannia, Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development of Iran, said: "development of Iran-Uzbekistan economic cooperation has always been of importance for senior officials of the two countries."

Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development of Iran said that Iran is ready to develop cooperation in knowledge-based transfer and experience, maintenance of roads and facilities, and intelligent transportation systems.

He added: "Road transport relations between the two countries are in good condition and growing."

The Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development of Iran stated: In the framework of multilateral cooperation, the two countries have good cooperation in the field of Ashgabat Agreement and Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO), it will also pave the way for further cooperation, using the capacity of the Chabahar Agreement to access the high seas of the Indian Ocean.

Uzbekistan Deputy Minister of Transport Davron Dekhkanov, stressed the importance of holding the meeting to resolve transport issues between the two countries, saying: "Due to some problems in road transport routes, we have replaced other routes, which is hopeful. As a result of holding these meetings, more suitable conditions should be provided for the development of transportation relations."

Adding Iran-Uzbekistan are cooperating in the form of several bilateral and multilateral agreements in the road transport field, the Uzbek official said resolving issues in this area will certainly have a significant impact on increasing the development of transport ties.  207/205

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