In his Twitter account, Democratic senator from the state of Vermont, Bernie Sanders said that the plight of ordinary Americans was exacerbated by the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Iran PressAmerica: "The rich are getting richer while the workers are suffering," Bernie Sanders wrote in the Twitter message. "Since the pandemic outbreak, the wealth of 643 billionaires has increased by more than $ 584 billion, while households have seen their wealth fall by $ 6.5 trillion and about 46 million people have declared unemployment."

Criticizing the US government for investing in weapons of mass destruction, Sanders wrote in his previous tweet: "Instead of spending more money on weapons of mass destruction designed to kill more people, we may need to improve our rights."

"Tens of millions of Americans do not have health insurance, and about 40 million Americans live in poverty and 500,000 people sleep on the streets," he wrote. 212/ 207

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