Washington post stated an Iranian ship is expected to dock in Venezuela soon, an arrival that comes shortly after the five tankers loaded with gasoline delivered to Venezuela.

Iran Press/America: According to the American media, the Golsan tanker is moving towards the Venezuelan coast, and Russ Dallen, head of the Miami-based investment company, says the tanker is carrying parts to continue repairing Venezuelan refineries.

Russ Dallen added that the Iranian oil tanker is expected to anchor in Venezuelan ports on Sunday or Monday this week.

Earlier, five Iranian oil tankers carrying fuel in the fields of Fortune, Forest, Foxon and Petunia, and Clavel entered Venezuelan ports.

According to the Maritime Traffic Center, the Golsan tanker left the port of Shahid Rajaei in Iran on May 17 this year and its current speed is about 13.1 knots. Each node is 1852 meters per hour.

The Golsan tanker was built in 1998, is now carrying fuel under the flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iranian tankers continue to enter Venezuelan ports and refineries as the US government has previously threatened to block new oil tankers between Tehran and Caracas to prevent them from reaching the Venezuelan coast.

With the arrival of Iranian tankers in Venezuela, Caracas government and military officials thanked the Iranian people for their solidarity in sending fuel to the country and promised to continue fraternal relations between the two countries.


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