Commentary (IP) - The Yemeni National Salvation Government stated in its regularly scheduled meeting that the US deployment of its forces in Bab aul-Mandab Strait and the Yemeni territorial waters would bring catastrophic consequences for the region and the world.

Iran Press/Middle East: Sana'a warned the US military forces that the Yemeni Army is ready to confront any action that is against international law and violates its sovereignty.

Earlier, Hussein al-Ezzi, the Deputy Foreign Minister of Yemen, said in a message that to keep international peace and security maintained, including the safety of navigation in the Red Sea, the US forces must withdraw from the Yemeni territorial waters in the sea, because any approximation to the territorial waters may trigger the ever longest and most intense battle.

Still, the Yemeni Defense Minister Muhammad Nasser al-Atefi highlighted the fact that the Red Sea, Bab ul-Mandab Strait, and Aden Gulf are the navigation lines servicing the world, and Yemeni is committed to ensuring the security of the lines, pointing out: "We will respond to challenge by challenge, escalation by escalation, bombing by bombing, occupation by resistance and peace by peace."

The warnings came as the US again increased its military forces in the West Asian region, with the Biden's administration dispatching more than 3,000 US military personnel and the US Navy's Fifth Fleet in the Red Sea aboard two warships.

The harsh response of the Ansarullah Movement to the enhanced presence of the US military forces and their deployment near the Yemeni territorial water indicates that Yemen is monitoring the US forces' movements. 

The increase in the US military presence is against the former approach of the US to curb its military forces in the Middle East and transfer them to East Asia to control China and ensure the Israeli regime's interests; yet, it could disturb the peace process in Yemen and founder the efforts made in recent months to reach peace. 

The developments show that Washington is against Saudi Arabia's approach to coming out of Yemen's quagmire, seeking to keep the Arab country in its current status; The leader of Yemen's Ansarullah Movement, Abdulmlik al-Houthi said in a speech on Saturday: 

"Silence does no longer work about these events for a long time. We have given enough time to mediation. If positive developments do not occur and Saudi Arabia continues its hostile approach, we will take decisive position. If they want peace, the way is clear. We have not put forward impossible options." 

Following the consultations of the United Nations and the goodwill of Sana'a, on April 02, 2023, a two-month ceasefire was established in Yemen, after which it was extended for two rounds, while a number of prisoners from both sides were exchanged under the supervision of the Red Cross.

But it seems that the US seeks to spoil any plan to maintain peace and security in the region and hinder the process of ending the war on the Yemeni nation; yet, it depends on Riyadh's positions, whether it is deceived by the US' promises or not. 

Writen by Ahmad Kazemzadeh


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