900 Taliban prisoners to be released early

The Afghanistan government has announced that it will free 900 more Taliban prisoners.

Iran PressAsia: The Afghan president Ashraf Ghani has previously said that following the three days of Eid ceasefire by the Taliban, the government will set free 900 prisoners of the group.

Afghanistan's National Security Council spokesman Javid Faisal said on Tuesday: "There is a decision to release 900 prisoners today, but the exact number could vary subject to legal procedures."

A senior Taliban figure confirmed this to the Associated Press.

"If these developments, like the announcement of prisoner release continues, it is possible to move forward with decisions like extending the brief cease-fire and to move in a positive direction with some minor issues," the Taliban official said.

Following the escalation of violence, the Afghan National Security Council announced that the process of releasing Taliban prisoners had stopped.

War in Afghanistan has escalated over the past month, with the United Nations had reported a 25 percent increase in civilian casualties in the past month compared to the same month last year.


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