Over 114,000 prisoners furloughed during Corona: Judiciary spox

Tehran (IP) - Gholam Hossein Esmaili, the spokesman of the Judiciary noted that the pious help made by different walks of life has no parallel in the world and even in Islamic countries.

Iran PressIran News:  In his weekly video conference on Tuesday, the official stated: "We have witnessed the creation of unique scenes in pious help, especially by the revolutionary youth, students, scholars, and the voluntary forces, who showed helping the needy. This is unparalleled in the world and even in Islamic countries."

The spokesman for the judiciary, referring to a circular recently issued by the head of the judiciary to grant furlough to prisoners, said: "In the days of Corona, 114,193 went on furlough."

Speaking at the 25th press conference on Tuesday, Gholam Hossein Esmaili said that more than 500 committees had been sent to investigate the situation of prisoners after the recent circular issued by the head of the judiciary.

He stated that in the last 15 days, these committees have examined all the cases of prisoners on leave in an accurate manner, and for each of them, the type of crime, the type of punishment, and the manner of their behavior have been assigned.

"Also, in order to eliminate imprisonment and implement a policy of reducing the population of criminals, more than 106,000 alternative sentences to imprisonment have been issued throughout the country last year," the official highlighted.

Elsewhere, the spokesman of the Judiciary emphasized that the fight against economic corruption is our main priority and as long as there is corruption, the decisive and relentless fight against the corrupt will continue without any consideration, adding: "I announce the news about the fight against economic corruption in May this year."

He stated: "Today, in the Special Court for addressing the causes of economic disruptors, 21 defendants accused of disrupting the country's foreign exchange system, were put on trial."

Esmaili said the defendants each operated in four groups, with a total of more than $ 48 million in foreign currency bought and sold by the defendants.


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