Taq-e Bostan complex in Kermanshah

Kermanshah (IP) - After the outbreak of the coronavirus in February 2020, the historical complex of Taq-e Bostan means 'Arch of the Garden' or 'Arch made by stone', along with other tourist centers in Kermanshah, was closed to tourists.

Iran Press/Iran news: With the passing of the time, Kermanshah province, which is one of the most attractive and touristic provinces in Iran, is removing some of the restrictions it has imposed on tourists.

Deputy Director-General of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism of Kermanshah Province Alireza Barshahi said on Sunday that the Bisotun and Anahita Temple had already been reopened to the public.

He explained, "So far, only the reopening of these three historical sites in Kermanshah province has been allowed, and other tourist sites in the province are still closed to tourists."


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