Tehran (IP) - Iranian President stated that on average, 83% of the hygienic protocols announced to the public have been observed in the country.

Iran Press/Iran News: During National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus meeting on Sunday morning, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani thanked people for their cooperation and assistance in the coronavirus outbreak.

“Today, the Ministry of Health announced that on average, 83% of the hygiene protocols announced to the public have been observed in the country. In some cities, 92% have been observed. This average of 83% indicates the people's cooperation with the country's health officials and the people's attention to public health."

President Rouhani also thanked all those who are engaged in donation during the month of Ramadan, stating that this spiritual atmosphere is very important and shows that our people care about each other.

78 million people were screened in the first phase of screening

During the meeting, President Rouhani stated that 78 million people were screened in the first phase of screening, which is an important issue and is also due to the health centers that exist all over the country, and the electronic files that have already been formed for people.”

He added: "In the second phase of screening, 30 million people were screened which is more purposeful and accurate than the first one."

“We decided to open mosques and hold Friday prayers for 132 cities with low-risk conditions as of tomorrow; However, hygienic protocols should be observed in these mosques. The reopening is taking place slowly in economic, sports, and religious centers,” Rouhani stated.

130 major centers working on coronavirus medicine

According to the Iranian President, 130 major centers are working to develop coronavirus medicine. The medicine may also be available, but its timing is unclear.

"We need to prepare for post-coronavirus conditions," he added.

Criticizing the treatment process in some countries, the President said: "Treatment in some countries is monetary. It is crowded, and they respond late. In our country, we do not look at whether a patient is Iranian or non-Iranian, and what his religion is. We even treat foreign nationals for free. However, in the United States, there is a difference between white and black people and those who have just moved to the US.”

Iranian President further explained: “Look at the problems of one-dimensional countries that relied only on oil or tourism. The good thing about our country is that it is not one-dimensional.”


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