As protesters in US demand for the end of restrictions in the country, the deaths from COVID-19 disease in the country has passed 42000.

Iran PressAmerica: According to the statistics published by the Worldometer, the total Coronavirus cases in the US reached 792,913 and 42,517 people have died as the result of COVID-19 disease.

This is while, more protesters gathering in state capitals, demanded an early end to the lockdowns, Iran Press reported.

Many of the protesters demanding an end to mandatory lockdowns expressed cynicism toward health experts and skepticism about the actual scale of the pandemic, accusing officials of overreaching and taking actions that had caused more harm than the virus itself.

protesters gathering in state capitals in US, demanded an early end to the lockdowns

Meanwhile, the statistics show that with more than 774,000 infections, up 20,000 on Monday, with several states yet to report, the US has the world’s largest number of confirmed coronavirus cases.

On the other hand, by implementing the Stay-at-home measures by the government, more than 22 million people have applied for unemployment benefits in the last month.

In the meantime, the poll by NBC News/Wall Street Journal shows that more than 52 percent of those surveyed, do not trust what US president Donald Trump has been announcing about the Corona crisis in the country. 207

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<em>protesters gathering in state capitals in US, demanded an early end to the lockdowns</em>
U.S. Coronavirus deaths topped 42,000