Tehran (IP) - The Governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) Abdolnaser Hemmati on Tuesday night referred to the $5 billion International Monetary Fund's loan, adding, "The loan is specifically in the form of humanitarian aid to curb the coronavirus outbreak."

Iran Press/Iran News: Hemmati called the loan as the right of the Iranian nation, saying, "We have not received a loan from this fund for 60 years, now that people need it, the central bank is to take action to receive this facility."

Noting the loan is only one part of the country's need to fight against the disease, the governor of the CBI said: "It is also a financing facility and does not require a lawyer, and the budget law provides for $ 30 billion in funding. A license can also be obtained if needed."

Hemmati also explained the process of receiving facilities, and underlined, "They needed a series of information that we provided. However, the activities have been stopped for two weeks due to Spring Meetings of the International Monetary Fund." 

"The Islamic Republic has announced that it will receive the money on the INSTEX and Switzerland channels, and we intend to purchase medicines and basic goods. Hope that they will show their sincerity as well," he added. 

The governor of the CBI referred to the blocking of Iran's $1.6 billion assets in a Luxembourg court, noting, "Iran has bought part of its assets in the past in the form of dollar bonds. The US has seized $2 billion for the survivors of 9/11, which has nothing to do with us. We will take it back." 

He highlighted, "There are also $1.6 billion in Luxembourg that the Americans wanted to seize and transfer. Fortunately, with the efforts and cooperation of lawyers, we were able to prevent it." 

 A US court ruled in absentia that the Islamic Republic of Iran had to pay compensation to the families of the victims of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. 


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