In a meeting with Swedish Foreign Minister, Iranian Ambassador to Sweden Ahmad Masoumifar said that US illegal sanctions against Iran are serious obstacles to confront Coronavirus.

Iran PressEurope: Iranian Ambassador to Sweden Ahmad Masoumifar met with Sweden Foreign Minister Ann Linde on Thursday (today). During the meeting, Masoumifar referring to the historical relations between the two countries stated that Iran and Sweden have always had constructive ties throughout the history of their long-term relations and there are good capacities for expanding the relations, especially in the commercial and economic fields.

"The US illegal sanctions against the Iranian people have targeted innocent people's lives and is a serious obstacle to confront the virus in Iran," he said, referring to the Coronavirus crisis in the world. Describing the government's extensive actions in this regard, the Iranian ambassador to Sweden said, "The government of the Islamic Republic of Iran needs access to its financial resources both to control and prevent the spread of the virus and to compensate for the economic damage to the low-income class."

Referring to two issues of multilateralism and human rights that are part of Sweden's foreign policy, Masoumifar added, "We expect Stockholm to have a higher voice to lift the US inhumane and unilateral sanctions against the Iranian nation." 


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