8 civilians killed in roadside explosion south of Afghanistan

A roadside bombing in southern Afghanistan on Wednesday killed at least eight civilians and injured 2 others.

Iran PressAsia: According to Helmand police spokesman Zaman Hamdard, the victims were all from a single-family.

"Two more family members were wounded, he said, adding: "The two injured people have been transferred to a hospital for treatment."

The explosion occurred at around 10 am on a public road in the Nahar-e-Saraj district.

The Deputy of UN Special Representative for Afghanistan has recently confirmed in a report that the level of violence, war, and insecurity in Afghanistan has risen sharply and has returned to the level before the US-Taliban peace deal was signed.

The UN said that the number of civilian casualties targeted by the Taliban had risen sharply.

The February 29 peace deal between the US and the Taliban stipulated that the Afghan government would release up to 5,000 Taliban prisoners in exchange for 1,000 Afghan security forces held by the Taliban.


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