Tehran (IP)- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran has issued a statement in support of the UN Secretary-General's plan to implement a nationwide ceasefire in Afghanistan.

Iran PressIran news: The Foreign Ministry's statement in support of the UN Secretary-General's idea of ??implementing a global ceasefire in Afghanistan, stated: "The Islamic Republic of Iran shares with the benevolent idea of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in declaring a global truce in all wars and engaging with fighting the Coronavirus, which has ruthlessly attacked all human beings regardless of race, sex, age, ethnicity or religion.”

"Since the Islamic Republic of Iran is well aware of the current situation in Afghanistan due to its proximity to the country and the presence of millions of Afghan refugees in Iran since 40 years ago, fully supports the Secretary-General's idea of ??implementing a nationwide ceasefire in Afghanistan and calls on all armed groups in the country to open a new chapter in Afghan history with their courageous decision to accept a ceasefire in Afghanistan and create a safe environment to fight the Coronavirus," the statement noted.

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The statement concluded: "The Islamic Republic of Iran calls on the UN Secretary-General to complete his ceasefire idea with a specific initiative to find a solid basis for inter-Afghan dialogue and to resolve existing political issues in Afghanistan. The Islamic Republic of Iran declares its readiness to participate in political initiatives that will be proposed by the United Nations to resolve Afghanistan's issues following the implementation of the nationwide ceasefire." 104/207

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