US troops entered Aden Airport in Yemen

A US military aircraft carrying 128 troops has landed at Yemen's Aden Airport.

Iran PressMiddle East: According to the website of Yemen’s Ansarullah Movement, Shabwah Governor Ahmad ibn al-Hassan condemned on Wednesday the Saudi coalition’s complicity to let in the US troops to Balhaf port city.

"The arrival of US forces at the port of Balhaf stains the coalition and indicates that the US has been behind the scenes of the five-year war on Yemen," Shabwah Governor said.    

He described the move as a 'soft occupation' of Yemen under the pretext of fighting terrorism, saying that fighting terrorism has turned to a cover under which the coalition member states support terrorist groups by money and arms. 

Yemen's Ansarollah website said the move came as 110 US troops entered Shabwa and the port of Balahaf in southern Yemen last week.

According to the report, the purpose of the widespread US moves in the occupied Yemeni provinces is to prepare grounds for possible military intervention and establishment of military bases in the Yemeni territory.


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