Iranian FM slams US version of human rights

Tehran (IP) – Foreign Ministry spokesman lambasted the US State Department's annual reports on the status of human rights in Iran.

Iran PressIran news: Seyyed Abbas Mousavi stated on Friday that a regime that officially assassinates, hosts hated terrorist groups, is openly and purposefully racist, threatens to destroy historic and cultural centers and is addicted to systematic lies, is not in the position to comment on the highly respected concept of human rights and the prescribe for other independent states, Iran Press reported.

Reacting to the US State Department's annual report on the human rights situation in Iran, Mousavi noted that the US regime has no political, legal and moral credibility to comment on human rights.

He added: Regime whose president proudly commands the assassination of the most dignified sons of Iran, and whose accomplices like the Secretary of State and Iran's special envoy are disgracefully hosting the most abhorrent anti-Iranian terrorist groups, have nothing to do with the highly respected concept of human rights.

The official highlighted that a regime whose president speaks openly about racism, defends the religious discrimination with effrontery, views women as an instrument of sensuality, bans other people from traveling to the United States simply because of their religion and race, and in spite of all international regulations and norms, threatens to destroy the cultural centers of the countries, is an ally of the child-killing Saudi regime and the Zionist regime, is not in a position to prescribe human rights advice for other states.

Iran's Foreign Ministery spokesman referring to the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's explicit and frank confession that he described lying and cheating as part of his curriculum at his tenure as the chief of the US intelligence agency, made the remark that the American way of reporting on other countries, including Iran, is an old-fashioned approach based on the teachings of Pompeo and his complicities in the CIA, through a series of falsehoods, the reversal of facts, magnification of weaknesses, and undermining positive points, thus they have no value and credit.


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