Tehran (IP) - Foreign Ministry Spokesman said the US opened a financial channel for procuring medicine but it is limited and does not let Iran use its resources in different countries to secure medicine and medical needs for Coronavirus situation in the country.

Iran PressIran news: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press News Agency on Wednesday 11 March about the US claims for humanitarian aid to Iran,

Seyyed Abbas Mousavi calls it ‘deception’ and ‘slogan’.

"I say this for a reason. It is 3 weeks that we have been in talks with one of these countries where we have financial resources. However, they insist that Americans are preventing us from doing that. These obstacles are removed after 3 weeks,” he added.

Mousavi also noted, “They must declare that all ways for sending medical equipment are open and indicate where and how to do so. Although they say medication has not been sanctioned, they have not yet allowed our resources to enter the channel so we can use them.”

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman about UK accusation on Iran over “violation on international law” stated, “The UK has no place to say about our role in the region. We are at the forefront of the fight against terrorism and we restored the stability to the region. They know it themselves. Their reports also show this. These kinds of words are not constructive.”

“About our commitments in the JCPOA, I must say that this is compensation for what they have not done. The UK should be held accountable for what it did after the US left JCPOA. They have to answer why they did not fulfill their obligations," he said.

"We demand this from Britain, France and Germany, and the European Union. We have to thank Russia and China for helping us as much as they could. But those who should have done so, have not done anything. What we are doing is compensating for their inaction and non-compliance,” Mousavi noted.

In response to the Iran Press question about how the international community should respond to Coronavirus, Mousavi went on to say, “Coronavirus is a global problem and all the world is sitting in one ship. It needs a global cooperation. International organizations such as the World Health Organization that have recently come to Iran have a major role to play in this matter."

“We hope that they will take the necessary steps away from politicizing it. Iran, both internally and internationally, is fighting Coronavirus and is ready to cooperate to share its achievements with other nations," Mousavi Concluded.


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