Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif

Tehran (IP) - Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran stated that the world can no longer be silent as US Economic Terrorism is supplanted by its Medical Terrorism.

Iran Presscommentary: "Donald Trump is maliciously tightening US' illegal sanctions with aim of draining Iran's resources needed in the fight against COVID19—while our citizens are dying from it," Zarif tweeted on Saturday.

The US move to impose sanctions on Iran's medicine and medical equipment is a clear example of violation of human rights that now can be interpreted as "medical terrorism" in the wake of the "coronavirus" pandemic and the lack of easy access to medical equipment and pharmaceutical needs.

The US government had previously used economic terrorism against the Iranian people to undermine the economic resilience of the Iranian people with maximum pressure, but this policy was virtually defeated due to the people's adaptation with the economic sanctions.

Now, with the spread of the Coronavirus worldwide and the spread of the virus in Iran and medical successes for the treatment of corona-infected patients, the lack of access to medicines and medical equipment, this unknown and borderless virus still kills some corona patients in Iran.

The current US government, with the link between "economic terrorism" and "medical terrorism", has practically committed a crime against humanity against the Iranian people, and in this context, the international community is expected to take an explicit stand against US human rights violation.

Americans are pouring crocodile tears in support of the Iranian nation these days for rescuing them from the Coronavirus, while the US weapon of medical terrorism has taken away the right to live from some Iranian citizens in battle with the Coronavirus.

In this regard, Hussein Amir Abdollahian, the special assistant to the Speaker of the Parliament on International Affairs, tweeted on Saturday, emphasizing that White House officials targeted the Iranian people, noting that "US officials are lying and there has been no suspension of humanitarian sanctions.

Despite US sanctions, Iran has made good strides in the fight against Coronavirus and native medical knowledge has helped to improve corona-infected patients in Iran.

In this regard, the World Health Organization (WHO) representative Christof Hammelman on Saturday on his assessment of Iran's medical services to patients with Coronavirus highlighted that recent days there have seen tremendous progress in hospitals across Iran.

Preventing and controlling Coronavirus is directly related to medical equipment and medicine and maximizing public participation, but Iranian medical knowledge and WHO cooperation will not allow illegal US sanctions to harm the Iranian health sector for combating Coronavirus and most importantly the psychological resilience of Iranian people.

 Written by Ali Karami


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