A Pomeranian Pet Dog in Hong Kong has tested positive for Covid-19, the case, which has been identified as a “low-level infection”, was confirmed by Hong Kong authorities on Mar. 4.

Iran PressAsia: It is also likely to be the first reported case of human-to-animal transmission, according to experts from the University of Hong Kong, City University, and the World Organization for Animal Health, South China Morning Post reported.

It had already tested “weak positive” for the virus twice, once on Feb. 27 and a second time on Feb. 28.

The dog is now under quarantine with the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD), where further tests will be run on it.

A spokesperson from the AFCD said that there was “still no evidence” that pets could be a source of infection, or that they could fall sick, according to SCMP.

The organization advised suspects cases to limit contact with their pets.


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