The spokesman for Iran's Judiciary, Gholamhussein Esmaeili, has invited all Iranians from all social backgrounds, and from across the political spectrum to take part in parliamentary elections on Friday 21 February.

Iran PressIran News: The spokesman for Iran's Judiciary, Gholamhussein Esmaeili, speaking at his regular press briefing on Tuesday, emphasized that a number of individuals who had been arrested for vandalism, destruction of private and public property and setting fire to petrol stations and shopping centres in connection with the recent rioting in Iran have been convicted in courts of law. Esmaeili said these individuals have been convicted for offenses committed in Tehran, Karaj, Isfahan, and various other places.

We Must Build a Strong Iran

Elsewhere in his remarks, the spokesman for the Judiciary referred to recent comments by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, who has called for building a strong and powerful Iran, saying: "In the second phase of the Islamic Revolution, we are seeking to build a strong Iran, following the Leader's instructions."

Elaborating further the spokesman said: "A strong Islamic Republic of Iran means, an independent and sovereign Iran with a strong people and a strong government, a powerful parliament which has been elected by the people, a strong judiciary, a powerful armed forces, active universities, and a robust and healthy economy and a strong culture."

One French and One Iranian Citizen will be tied on 3 March 

Answering a question about two individuals who have been detained in Iran but the French government wants them freed, Gholamhussein Esmaeili said a trial date has been set for 3 March 2020 and charges have been issued against both individuals. Both of them are accused of endangering the security of the country, and charges against them are security-related.

Esmaeili emphasized that one of the two is a French citizen, and the other is an Iranian citizen who has dual nationality, but he is considered an Iranian citizen since 'dual nationality' is not officially recognized in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The spokesman also said no country will be allowed to interfere in the internal judicial affairs of the Islamic Republic.


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