Tehran(IP)- Iran's Judiciary spokesman said that France's claims about French-Iranian citizens, who are in jail in Iran, contradict with their performance.

Iran PressIran news: Gholamhussein Esmaili, Iran's Judiciary spokesman referred to the upcoming parliamentary election in Iran in his weekly press conference on Tuesday, saying all of the Iranian people with different political attitudes are invited to participate in the election.

"Iran needs a powerful parliament, and a powerful parliament should have brave, justice-seeker and revolutionary members," he added.

Esmaili went on to say that besides supporting "Resistance Economy", Iran's Judiciary is dealing actively with economic corruptors which 50 corruptors have been sentenced by the Judiciary in the past week.

Responding to Iran Press's question about the France's request in releasing French-Iranian citizens, who are in jail in Iran, the Iranian judiciary official said, "According to Iran's law, we don't recognize dual citizenship in Iran, so given this matter one of them is French and another jailed person is Iranian in our view."

"Their indictment has been issued and a trial with the attendance of their lawyers will be held on March 3," Gholamhussein Esmaili explained.

"They have accusations in acting against Iran's national security. We strongly reject foreign intervention in our domestic and judiciary affairs," he added.

Referring to France's support for Roohollah Zam, a major accused person who was acting against Iran's national security, Esmaili noted that France's claims about French-Iranian citizens contradict with their performance.

"We don't let any country to intervene in our domestic judiciary cases," the Iranian official said.


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