Millions of Iranians have taken to streets across the country to celebrate the 41st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution and show their crucial and effective roles in the Revolution.

Iran PressIran News: Iranian people, from every corner of the country, once again take to the streets to show their crucial role in the Islamic Revolution.

Iranians' mass turn out in ceremonies and events is one of the main elements of the persistence of the Revolution and this element differentiates the Islamic Revolution from the other revolutions around the world.

The people's effective attendance in different events if the Islamic Revolution and their sodality with the Islamic Republic of Iran have made its deterrence a popular one and the same solidarity has foiled threats and plots of the enemies and made their entire efforts futile.

The animosity of different administrations in the US has shown rightly to the Iranian people that the American politicians are angry and furious about the Iranian nations' support to their Revolution because the 'NATION' is the main rampart against their plots and threats.

After the presidency of Donald Trump, the animosity against the Iranian nation resonated and the US administration has targeted the people of Iran in practice; through the last year, the US has tried to separate Iranian people and the Islamic Republic with its economic and state terrorism and targeted them blatantly with their efforts. However, people's solidarity and Sympathy with their Revolution have disappointed them and made the entire efforts of the enemies in vain.

Participation of millions of Iranians in funeral ceremony of Martyred Lt. Gen. Soleimani, former top commander of IRGC Quds forces has proven that even with economic and state terrorism, Americans have failed to create disparity among the Iranian people; thus, the terrorist action to assassinate General Soleimani, key commander of the resistance front in Western Asia, resulted to unifying regional nations to raise their voices to ask for imminent withdrawal of the US forces. Hatred of the people of this region from the US has increased dramatically.

In a meeting with the ambassadors and heads of international organizations in the International Conference Center in Tehran, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Monday that wrong or inaccurate understanding of the realities in Iran gave rise to very dangerous policies that brought chaos into Iran, the region and the world; adding that "People's turn out in millions in commemoration ceremonies of Martyred Soleimani shows abhorrence of the Iranian and region's people for the US policies."

The conscious and constant presence of the Iranian nation in different events of the Islamic Revolution, including a mass rally of the 22 Bahman, the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, send the message to the entire world that the Revolution still benefits assuring popular support and despite all plots, celebrates the 41st_anniversary_of_the_1979_islamic_revolution.

The same sympathy and solidarity that is symbolized in a mass rally of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, will recur 10 days later in the parliamentary election; indicates that in the "Second Step of the Revolution", bright horizons future is waiting for the Iranian nation. 212/ 104

Written by: Ali Karami

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