Tehran (IP) - Commander of the IRGC Seyyeda Shohada Headquarters said the role of people in the victory of the Islamic revolution is so important.

Iran Press/Iran news: "As we are celebrating the 41st anniversary of 1979 Islamic Revolution, after passing the 40th anniversary of Islamic Revolution, we have faced new approaches and the turning point of all approaches, is the statement of "Second Step of the Revolution" that was issued by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Seyyed Ali Khamenei to the nation, particularly to the youth, and was published in February 2019," Brigadier General Hassan Hassanzadeh said in an exclusive interview with Iran Press on the issue of people's role in the Islamic revolution.

"This is the point that the Islamic revolution has developed itself completely and the Islamic revolution has turned into a model in the world. The second phase statement is the point that other countries could learn special lessons to continue the way in other countries," he noted.

"To achieve this goal, developing the role of people has considered which leads to the persistence of the Islamic revolution's goals and also for the export of the different factors of the Islamic revolution," he said.

"In the first year of the second phase of the Islamic revolution statement, the first step was Lieutenant General Soleimani's Martyrdom. As the whole world watched, the spontaneous gathering of people in the commemoration General Soleimani's in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, even in non-Islamic countries and not only in Iran was a sign of participation of people and their role in forming the Islamic revolution," Hassanzade stated.


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