Tehran (IP) - Iran's Minister Communication and Information Technology announced on Wednesday that the 'Simorgh' satellite-carrying rocket has been ready to launch the 'Zafar' satellite to space.

Iran Press/Iran News: Mohammad-Javad Azari Jahromi attached a photo of the deployment of the Simorgh satellite-carrying rocket on his Twitter and praised the efforts of Iran Defense Minister Amir Hatami and his colleagues for this matter.

"Here is the Iranian Simorgh which has been deployed at the site. Its weight is more than 80 tons and it will take Zafar satellite up to 530km of the earth," he wrote on Wednesday.

Iran ICT minister went on about the operation procedure, noting that "it takes 8 minutes from the first moment till the end of the operation."

He described the length of the operation as "breathtaking moments."

Zafar communication satellite has a weight of 113 kg and its function time on the orbit is at least 18 months. It will be launched by the ten-day Fajr (dawn), according to Jahromi.

The satellite will be used in land use mapping, monitoring urban development, agricultural zones, natural and forest fields, monitoring seasonal and permanent lakes and identifying faults.


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