Turkey (IP): Iran's vice president for science and technology, Sourena Sattari in his visit to Turkey called the Asian country as a good export market for Iranian knowledge- based companies.

Iran Press/Asia: "Our relations with Turkey are historical and we are seriously pursuing the export of  { the Iranian} knowledge-based companies," Sattari Told Iran Press correspondent.

Iran's top official also said that during this trip over 80 Iranian companies are going to be exported to Turkey  and the related meetings are going to be held between Turkish and Iranian companies Wednesday.

 Iran's Vice president for science and technology added," in Ankara, we also have many opportunities that we hope will develop in both science and technology. The number of the Turkish students in Iran have increased and Iranian students in Turkey. We will also meet our students. We hope that these meetings will enhance our science and technology relations with Turkey as well as technology exports."

Calling Turkey as one of the main destinations for Iran's technology export, Sattari went on to highlight  that "The technology and innovation ecosystem in Iran is relatively young, but fortunately, we have the greatest companies in the fields of biotech, ICT, stem cells and nanotechnology in the region."

"This is why our products can be easily exported to Turkey. Turkey is a good export market for companies. Our scientific relationships are also growing and we can establish good relationships in the future," Sattari concluded.


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