Tehran (IP)- Assistant to the Speaker of Parliament in International Affairs stated that Foreign Ministry's strong diplomatic response to the Americans in political and international, and even legal arena after the assassination of Lt. Gen. Soleimani, accompanied the retaliatory IRGC missile attack on US terrorist troops.

Iran Press/Iran news: Iranian Parliament Speaker's Special Aide for International Affairs, Hossein Amir Abdolahian at the meeting of Political and Strategic dimensions of Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani assassination, held at the Foreign Ministry School of International Relations, said that Lieutenant General Soleimani's first strategy was to create a barrier to the development of the Zionist regime.

The forces of Quds and Lieutenant General Soleimani were very successful in this regard, as Israel was confined to a small land between the concrete walls while aiming to establish a regime in the Nile to Euphrates. He went on to say that at the funeral and prayers for Lieutenant General Soleimani, you saw that the leaders of the Palestinian and Resistance groups were behind the Supreme Leader because Lieutenant General Soleimani never forgot the Palestinian cause.

The second strategy of Lieutenant General Soleimani was to fight terrorism, as you saw the bones of ISIS and terrorism being broken in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon by the commanding force this martyr led, the former deputy foreign minister said.

Amir Abdullahian made the remark that in addition to these two strategies, the Israeli strategy to break up the regional countries did not yield results.

"For this reason, the Americans have adopted a triangular strategy, which is to collapse regional governments, especially the states of the resistance front. The second side of this triangle is the creation of anarchy and chaos in the region. You see this in Yemen," He concluded.


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