Iranian and Russian media delegations held the second meeting of the Iran-Russia Media Cooperation Committee, discussing common challenges and opportunities of the media and stressing further collaboration.

Iran PressEurope: The second meeting of the Iran-Russia Media Cooperation Committee kicked off in Moscow on Monday and is underway for two days. During this round of meetings, the two sides will discuss increasing media cooperation between Iran and Russia in order to strengthen political, economic and cultural relations. They will also examine the agreements achieved in the first round of talks which was held in Tehran last year.

Speaking at the meeting on Monday, the Head of IRIB World Service Peyman Jebeli said: "In addition to the common cultural, economic and social contexts, the two countries' media also face common challenges."

"The confrontation with unilateralism in the West, which has been created by the US and is trying to sacrifice international law and standards to its selfish demands is one of the problems the media is facing today," he added.

"The media is definitely one of America's tools for sustaining its unilateral policies at the international level, and as two countries that face a similar problem, we tend to expand our media cooperation with each other to combat unilateralism," Jebeli noted.

A delegation of Iranian media executives headed by Deputy Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance of the Islamic Republic of Iran Mohammad Khodadi arrived in Moscow on Sunday night to attend the second meeting of the Iran-Russia Media Cooperation Committee.

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