Head of IRGC Major General Salami

Qom (IP)- The top commander of the IRGC has emphasized that enemy plans to confront the Islamic Republic are a failure, and Iran's economy is close to become independent from oil.

Iran Press/Iran news: Speaking on Thursday Major general Hossein Salami said this is a major achievement to have an economy that does not rely on oil.

Addressing an audience of top religious scholars in the city of Qom, Major General Salami said we have hit the enemies very hard, adding: "The impounding of a ship and the downing of a drone (airplane) are real setbacks for the enemy and signify the fact that enemy strategies have fallen apart."

The top IRGC commander added: "As far as advancement in science and technology is concerned, despite all the sanctions, our progress has been impressive. A united Islamic ummah is shaping up, and the power of Islamic Iran is felt and seen well beyond Iran's borders."

In a further comment, Salami said the Islamic Republic of Iran's support for oppressed nations -- such as Yemen, Palestine, and Syria -- is based on a philosophy that generates power, and is logical and has become operational.

Israel trapped and confined to a narrow slither of land

Turning to Israel's string of recent defeats, Major General Salami said: "The Israeli regime which hoped to establish a Greater Israel by conquering Islamic lands, is today confined and trapped inside a narrow slither of land, with tall concrete walls on all sides."

Turning to recent rioting the head of IRGC said: "Trump, Pompeo, and Macron declared their support for vandals and rioters in Iran but the Iranian peoples' massive turnout on the streets in support of the Islamic Republic was a huge blow to the enemy and a solid slap in the face of the ill-wishers."


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