The Head of Iran's Basij Organization (volunteer forces) has said it is impossible to establish a civilization without paying attention to media.

Iran Press/Iran news: Brigadier General Gholamreza Soleimani who delivered a speech on Monday in IRIB's Kosar hall said different methods must be adopted to achieve the goal of establishing an Islamic civilization.

General Soleimani pointed out to culture and art as one of the significant aspects of that very goal, noting that young people are the backbone of the movement, whose efforts are required in culture, art, media, and literature so that an Islamic civilization becomes reality.

Referring to the Statement of the Second Step of the Islamic Revolution issued by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, General Soleimani called on the relevant organizations to elaborate on the mentioned areas.

He noted that discourse should be formed around the Islamic civilization with the subcategories artfully elaborated on free from any theoretic deviation so that a situation is fostered for the youth to updated their innovations. 

Elsewhere in his speech, the general stressed that Basij must well be introduced to people, noting that Basij is a popular organization.

The path of Basij should be defined in a way that all of its points of departure come clear in the path of realizing the goals of the second statement by different aspects, particularly culture, media, and art, he said.

Iran entered a new age of history

Brigadier General Gholamreza Soleimani said that if one precisely looks at the ongoing trends, they can see that the whole world has entered a new phase.

General Soleimani referred to the Statement of the Second Step of Islamic Revolution issued by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution and said that the statement elaborates on a strategic tripartite goal of establishing an Islamic government, Islamic Ummah (community), and Islamic civilization, which passes through Islamic Democracy.

Therefore, he said, following the very Second Statement, Basij also should enter the new phase while remaining hopeful to the future and not fearing the enemies.205

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