Video footage showing US weapons secretly reaching Yemen

US equipment and weapons have been secretly arrived on board a Saudi ship in the southern Yemeni port of Aden.

Iran PressMiddle East: The US network said on Thursday that it had obtained video footage filmed in secret, showing the landing of armored vehicles 'Oshkosh' American-made last week under cover of darkness, on the wharf of Aden

CNN said the footage showing the unloading of a variety of US-made weapons illegally filmed at the unloading site, then obtained and verified, sparked controversy.

The network pointed out that several eyewitnesses reported that the forces, backed by the Saudi-led coalition, arrested and questioned those suspected of leaking the video clip to the media.

It said it had identified through accounts "information leaks" and port documents that the ship carrying US weapons in Aden last week, is the ship "Bahri Hofuf" registered in Saudi Arabia.

CNN said that given the tracking data, the last recorded location of the ship was in the Saudi port of Jeddah on September 17, before sailing to the port of Port Sudan (northeastern Sudan), the next day to Aden.

The ship then stopped operating the tracking system, before it reappeared under cover of darkness in Aden on October 29.

The port of Aden is under the control of the Saudi-Emirati coalition forces, whose main partners continue to ship US-made weapons to the country, despite bipartisan anger in Congress over the way Riyadh supports the bloody conflict in Yemen.

There was no immediate comment from the Pentagon or the Saudi authorities about the network.


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