Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif condemned the new US anti-Iran regulations, saying that they aggravate economic terrorism against ordinary Iranians.

Iran Press/Iran News:  "Contrary to its deceptive claims, the new US regulations will aggravate EconomicTerrorism on ordinary Iranians," Zarif wrote on his Twitter account, reported Iran Press.

He added: "SecPompeo voiced his delusion that 'Iranian people must bow to the US if they want to eat'." "Now, US Treasury is targeting not merely food but also our imports of medicine," he noted.

Earlier when TRT reporter asked Zarif why he always repeats the word economic terrorism attributing to US measures against Iran, he said: "Because Secretary Pompeo has said publicly and that is a Newsweek headline 'if Iran wants its people to eat it has to follow what the US says'."

"Now read the classical definition of terrorism in any case book, in any law, in any law dictionary even Google it, it says coercion or use of violence against civilians for political purposes to achieve political objectives now it is clear for the United States and the Secretary of State is saying that if Iran wants its people to eat so that's coercion against ordinary people."

"It has to change its policies so it's coercion against innocent civilians in order to change the policy that's terrorism in fact because it borders on starvation that's a war crime so Secretary Pompeo should, in fact, hire a good lawyer," Zarif noted.


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