Turkish military invasion on Syria faces international backlashes

Turkey's military invasion on Syria has faced widespread international backlash and condemnation.

Iran Press/Asia: On Tuesday, the Iranian Foreign Ministry with a statement express opposing with any possible military operations on Syrian soil and said the influx of Turkish troops into Syria would result in widespread human and material damage.

Turkish military operations in northern Syria have received widespread international condemnation.

Syrian officials have insisted that the Syrians will defend their territorial integrity and national sovereignty.

German Foreign Minister "Haiku Moss" on Wednesday strongly condemned Turkish military operations in northern Syria and urged Ankara to halt the operation immediately.

France also condemned the attack and called for a UN Security Council meeting.

Britain called for a UN Security Council meeting to review Turkey's offensive.

Russian Duma President Vyacheslav Volodin also called on international communities, especially permanent members of the Security Council, to hold a meeting to resolve tensions on the Syrian-Turkish border.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte also said Turkish military operations in northern Syria would harm civilians and lead to instability in the region.

Meanwhile, US Senator Lindsey Graham has claimed that she will do her best in the US Congress to make Turkey; pay a heavy price for its operations against the Syrian Kurds.

The Dutch government also summoned the Turkish ambassador in protest against Turkish military operations against the Syrian Kurds.

Egypt also called for an emergency meeting of the Security Council and the Arab League to examine Turkish military operations in northern Syria.

In a statement, the European Union also called on Turkey to halt unilateral military action in Syria.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres also called for Turkey's respect for Syrian territorial integrity.

The Lebanese Foreign Ministry also condemned the Turkish military operation in northern Syria, calling it an aggression against a brother Arab state.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday announced the start of a military operation in northern Syria under the pretext of fighting the Syrian Kurds.

The Syrian Democratic Forces, (QSD) also announced that they would turn the Turkish invasion into a full-blown war.

The Turkish army has invaded Syria several times over the past three years.


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