Head of Iran's Judiciary said that with the vigilance of the Iraqi people and the government, the US-Saudi sedition failed.

Iran PressIran news: In a meeting attended by senior judicial officials, Head of Iran's Judiciary Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi said that the Americans and the Saudis tried to undermine the annual Arbaeen rituals in Iraq, but with the vigilance of the Iraqi people and the government, the intrigue and conspiracy have been failed.

Some Iraqi provinces, including Baghdad, have witnessed demonstrations in recent days protesting the inappropriate public service situation, lack of job opportunities and corruption, Iran Press reported.

Evidence indicates that foreigners were behind the protests in Iraq. 

"The irritants are looking for new conspiracies to undermine the Arbaeen rituals, so everyone must be vigilant against these conspiracies," Raisi added.

Thanking the people and government of Iraq for hosting the Arbaeen ceremony, Raisi said that all Arbaeen pilgrims from Iran, Iraq, and other nations should try to carry out this great event in the best possible way.


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