Iran's Petroleum Minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh said political trends and approaches should not get into the energy market.

Iran Press /Iran News: Iranian minister highlighted, "We have strategic relations with Russia in all fields, and especially in the energy sector, we will have the opportunity at the Gas Exporting Countries Forum to express our positions."

"At the summit, I will emphasize that the energy market must be non-political and that this market must be avoided from unilateral and illegal interference because, in the long run, it benefits both the consumer and the producer," he said according to Iran Press.

Zanganeh noted that the gas-exporting countries forum was held for the first time in Tehran on the initiative of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the increasing of members of the forum in its 20th round in Moscow (with 19 members) indicated that the initiative is successful.

For the first time, he also announced that the leaders of the gas-exporting countries summit scheduled for this year in Guinea.

"The gas exporting countries forum has become a podium for sharing experiences and exchanging information," the Iranian oil minister said. In another part of his remark, he said, "We will have bilateral meetings with our Russian counterparts and other countries."  

"We see that the market is normal; I never believed that half of Saudi Arabia's output would be out of reach," the Petroleum minister said of the events that affected the Saudi oil industry and the decline in oil production after the attack on Aramco oilfields. "As I said earlier, I think Saudi Arabia has exaggerated to say that energy security is in danger."

Zanganeh went on to say, "It has been about a week to ten days that the price of oil is being fallen every day and that the six dollars that went up in oil prices have completely disappeared."

Asked if he might meet with his Saudi counterpart at the summit, he said, "There has never been a problem for us to meet with the Saudis, but they have always difficulties to meet with us."

Zanganeh arrived in Russia hours ago to attend a meeting of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum.

The third Russian Energy Week international forum will be held at Moscow’s Central Exhibition Hall ‘Manege’ on 2–5 October 2019, with the participation of energy ministers and senior officials of 66 countries.


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