Chinese President Xi Jinping on Sunday expressed the need to improve global governance during his meeting with visiting UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

Xi said that there are a lot of problems in the world, which come down to the issue of international governance systems and capabilities.

"We need to keep pushing for and improving global governance to deal with this challenge," he said.

"Whether it is domestic governance or global governance, we must have people's sense of fulfilment as the objective and continue to provide confidence and expectations of stability for the people," he added.

"We maintain that all countries, big or small, are equal, and we also advocate that major countries must shoulder their due responsibilities," said Xi.

The essence of multilateralism is to seek consultation and cooperation among all countries, and cooperation among major countries should be first, said Xi.

"We are willing to share China's development opportunities and experiences with the world, and in the meantime we will never impose our own path, models, and theories on others," said the president.