Lorestan (IP) – 'Azna Snowy Tunnel' turned to a symbol of beauty and a tourist spot in the summer in western Oshtorankuh mountain.

Iran Press/Iran news: Azna snowy tunnel in Azna city in western Lorestan province is one of the unique natural and tourist attractions of Iran. This tunnel is naturally made under the snow and ice of the Oshtorankuh mountain, located in the village of Kamandan, in the province of Lorestan.

This unique natural beauty has been created in several years when the snow accumulated in Oshtorankuh mountain.

The tunnel hosts local and foreign tourists in summer.

Azna snowy tunnel, with a length of 800 meters, is one of the most amazing landmarks of Lorestan province and it is always at the attention of tourists, climbers and nature lovers.   


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Azna Snowy Tunnel
Azna Snowy Tunnel