Iranian steelmakers cast 10.623 million tons of crude steel in the first five months of 2019, marking 5.5 percent of increase compared to corresponding figure of 2018.

Iran Press/Iran news:  According to figures released by World Steel Association (WSA) on Monday, Iran produced 2.235 million tons of crude steel in May, showing a 3.8 percent rise compared to the figure for the same month of 2018, which was 2.153 million tons.

China with 89 million tons and India, Japan and the US with 9.196 million tons, 8.676 million tons and 7.653 million tons, respectively, were listed in the first, second, third and fourth places in the world, the report said.

Iran ranked 10th among global crude steel producers last year, with 25 million tons of production, according to figures released by WSA in January.

The statistics show a 17.72 percent rise for Iran compared to the figure for 2017, which was 21.24 million tons.

Iran was the 14th steelmaker of the world in 2017.

According to the Islamic Republic’s Vision Plan, the country’s total steel production capacity is to hit 55 million tons a year by 2025, with export figures expected to reach 10-15 million tons.

The World Steel Association (WSA) is one of the largest and most dynamic industry associations in the world.

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