Tabriz (IP) - UNICEF representative to Iran appreciated country's efforts to achieve 'child friendly city' goals and described its progress as impressive.

Iran Press /Iran: Will Parks said the efforts that municipalities have make along with non-governmental organisations and charities and other government departments are "really impressive".

In an exclusive interview with Iran Press, Will Parks added: "I've been working for UNICEF in Iran for four years and I have been really impressed by different municipalities around the country, from Tehran to Isfahan, Shiraz and now I am in Tabriz. There are many other cities that are making good progresses on 'child friendly city' approaches."

He added that "I saw examples today in Tabriz that works have been done for children with especial needs, for children with difficult family situation, for children live with disabilities, children who work on streets; the efforts that municipalities have made along with non-governmental organisations and charities and other government departments are really impressive."

"Of course child friendly city has to be focusing on at least three things, one: giving access to children, equal access in social services; it doesn't matter what is the background of children, they should all be allowed to use these services. Second: child friendly cities should focus on these children and their families have equal family life, family time, leisure and opportunities to play and, I can see all of these in Tabriz just this morning's visit to different areas," he continued.

UNICEF representative went on to say: "The last feature of the child friendly city that I can see in Tabriz and other parts of the country is that children should be kept safe; whether it be making sure the traffic is not harming them, by making sure that the air is clean, water is safe."

"These are all parts of child friendly city that truly friendly to children. I can see great efforts have been made in Iran and I wish for people and government of Iran and different communities continue their success making more and more cities more and more friendly," he said.

Earlier on 20. Jan 2019, Parks travelled to Tabriz in northwest of Iran to visit the city's facilities for children as 'Child friendly city'.   101/212/211 

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