The managers of Dimona nuclear facility in Israel have admitted that there have been leakage of radioactive particles from the plant in recent years.

Iran Press/ Middle East: The leak was revealed after Freedi Tawil, who used to work in there, sued Dimona to get paid in recompense for getting cancer.

According to the Israel army radio, the managers of Dimona nuclear facility have accepted to pay the recompense while admitting the leakage in the nuclear plant.

Two years ago, the Israeli daily Haaretz reported that the nearly 53 year-old-aluminum core at Israel's Dimona nuclear facility has more than 1,500 defects.

The 1,537 defects in the core, which was activated in late 1963, were found and cataloged using ultrasound technology.

Israeli TV channel 2 also reported that tens of employees of Dimona have gotten cancer and died until now.

France secretly launched Israel on the nuclear path in the late 1950s by building the Dimona reactor.

On Sep 19, 2017, Israel admitted for the first time that it has no plans to shut down the 50-year-old reactor, which is now 12 years past its projected lifespan.

If this nuclear plant explodes, it will affect a large area including parts of Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, some of the Arab nations in the Persian Gulf and also Cyprus.

According to the reports, the Zionist regime has around 80-259 nuclear warheads which are built in Dimona nuclear facilities.

Despite the international pressure, the Israeli regime hasn’t signed any deal regarding the limitation of building nuclear warheads including the ‘Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons’ (NPT).

On June 10, Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif pointed to claims against Iran’s nuclear program and said, “You should ask a regime possessing nuclear weapons about how (Benjamin) Netanyahu stands next to the Dimona (reactor), a nuclear weapons site, and says Iran should be destroyed.” 213/214

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